Racing Items on Racedays
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  1. How can I purchase a guest badge and how much do they cost?

  2. What are the procedures for reporting the loss of racing items?

  1. How can I purchase a guest badge and how much do they cost?

    The cost of a guest badge is $60 for on-course betting, and $30 for cross-betting. For LONGINES Hong Kong International Races, the cost of on-course guest badge is $120.

    By Members, their spouses and their children aged 18 - 21 in person

    • Member or his / her spouse may obtain guest badges by showing his / her Membership Card together with a Guest Badge Request Form, duly signed, at any of the Guest Badge Selling Offices.
    • Member's child aged 18-21 who has opted for racecourse signing rights can obtain guest badges at the racecourses only.
    • Please indicate the number of guest badges required on the form. You must endorse the form whenever any alterations have been made.

    By Member's representatives

    • Members may send a representative to purchase guest badges in cash on his / her behalf at the Twelve Designated Off-Course Betting Branches or at the entrance of the racecourses on race day. The representative has to present a copy of his / her Membership Card (front and back, no need to include Security Code) together with a Guest Badge Request Form duly signed by the Member.

    By Member's guests using Guest Badge Request Forms

    • Member's guests are required to complete the Guest Badge Request Forms to obtain the guest badges at any one of the Twelve Designated Off-Course Betting Branches in advance or at the entrance of the racecourse on race day.
    • The guest's name (as shown on HKID Card / Passport) is required to be written on the Guest Badge Request Form. The guest would be asked to present his / her HKID Card / Passport for verification upon collecting the guest badges.
    • Members may write down their own Membership number and the date of the race meeting on the Request Forms before passing them to the guests.
    • Members must endorse the Request Form whenever any alternations have been made.

    By delivery

    • Members may order the guest badges / Guest Badge Request Forms by fax and have their badges / Request Forms delivered by courier to the designated location. Fax order forms can be obtained through our Info-Fax Service (1816 /1815 /1814). The delivery charge will be debited to your Membership account.
  2. What are the procedures for reporting the loss of racing items?

    Relevant forms for "Loss of Racing Badge / Car Park / Concession Scheme User Card" are available here.

    The replacement fee for each lost item is as follows:
    Racing badge - $250 each
    Seasonal Car Park Label - $500 each